Questions We Answer

Can I increase the price of my brand without significant impact on sales?
Should I cut spend on bigger brand or a growing smaller brand?
What will be the impact of macro-economic environment on category demand?
Is my offline and online marketing efforts structured to maximize ROI?
How to allocate budgets for my portfolio of brands to maximize ROI?
Can I predict my most valuable customers of tomorrow?
Can I predict the customer churn in the next quarter and be prepared with retention strategy?
What personalization rules should be used to maximize revenue from our e-commerce site?
What is the next best product to sell to my loyal customers?
What marketing KPIs to measure and track?
Can we have a dashboard that helps us track and assess the impact of our efforts?
Meritus is your analytic guide to profit

Image Meritus Analytics is the Analytical Centre Of Excellence (ACOE) set up by the WPP Group. Through highly-customized, result focused analytics and consulting, we enable our clients to realize better ROI from the marketing and customer investments.

Meritus was founded in 2004, with a handpicked team experienced in marketing, customer understanding and communication management skills. Since inception, the team has brought together a practice that leverages the best of domain understanding, statistical techniques and technology to provide best in class service in marketing and customer analytics.

Partial list of our services include:

  • Marketing 
    • Market ROI Solutions (Market Mix Models)
    • Market Forecasting
    • Market Budget Allocation and Optimization
    • KPI Assessment and Monitoring KPI
  • Customer Analytics and Predictive Analytics
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Customer Life Time Value (CLTV)
    • Churn Prediction and Retention
    • Collaborative Filtering

In the last 12 months alone, we have engaged with clients, been involved in over 300+ brand/market focused ROI analysis and recommendations; which easily makes us the largest player in Asia marketing analytics.

Our location, in Bangalore, allows us to offer the best value to a global clientele in terms of capabilities and cost.

Reach out to us. We will sweat your data to empower you with decision making power that you did not even suspect existed!

WPP at a Glance

WPP is the world leader in marketing communications services. It comprises leading companies involved in a variety of disciplines:
Advertising, Media Investment ManagementMarketing, Insight & Consultancy, Public Relations & Public Affairs, Branding & Identity, Healthcare Communications, Direct, Digital, Promotion & Relationship Marketing, Specialist Communications.

WPP Group companies work with 345 of the Fortune Global 500, 29 of the Dow Jones 30, half of the NASDAQ 100 and 33 of the Fortune e-50 companies.

Collectively, over 138,000* people work for WPP companies; out of 2,400+ offices in 107 countries.