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Meritus is a young office, filled with dynamic minds and enthusiastic souls. Company Offsites, such as the recent one at Yercaud and weekend trekking trips to Skandagiri, etc, are common; a laughing chattering bunch setting out on Friday night and dragging themselves back wearily on Monday mornings.

The team remains pumped up about their trips for a long time afterwards, and stories and reminiscences float about during the tea breaks. Here, @Meritus, you will find soundbytes from Meritus Minds and also some interesting happenings :

Man of many facets Print E-mail
Written by Saravanan   

It was 2 years ago, that I started my career here at Meritus. What makes me fulfilled at the end of the day, is that I can play a role in all the team activities - be it work related (Data Harmonization, Modeling, SAS Programming etc.) or offline (arranging team outings, events, etc). I have had a great learning curve; amongst things I picked up were Advanced SAS and also Soft Skills required for growth. Our offsite weekend trips - 2008 (Kerala: Wayanad) and 2009 (Tamail Nadu: Hogenakkal & Yercaud) were fabulous for relaxing and getting to know my team mates better.

Saravanan Chandran - Sr Analyst

Doing a project is like bungee jumping! Print E-mail
Written by Reevi Rajan   
Doing a project at Meritus is like bungee jumping; at the outset the task looks daunting, with the challenges we are thrown and the varied data we handle, but the moment we step into it, we jump wholeheartedly into our clients business & processes, without looking back. The trip is exciting and fast paced but at the end of it the rewards are clear: the broad contented smile on clients and our faces.

Reevi Rajan - Head, UL Team

Making a project a success, gives me a high! Print E-mail
Written by Srirupa   
My career in Meritus so far has been wonderful. I've grown both professionally and as a person over the last year and have worked with some world-class clients on many big and successful projects. What I like most about my work at Meritus is its diverse and constantly challenging nature. I love that my work can impact our clients' businesses significantly. I have not only learnt the nuances of the industry, in particular, but have also been able to broaden my skills by leaps and bounds.

Srirupa Mukherjee, Head - GAC