Must provide fresh insight about the product end users - current, potential, valuable or temporary
Must be a catalyst for change throughout an organization, providing a customer-centric benchmark for all the divisions
Must put the consumer at the heart of the business, everyone understanding their customer in a relevant and easy-to-see way
Must be durable; the aspects defining it progressive and meaningful at least for a few years
Must be measurable, enhancing a brand’s ability to measure its ROI
Databases need to be capable of integrating or being replicated onto other data systems
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Superior targeting implies an implicit understanding of
  • Customer segments, their size and needs
  • Importance - which segments will enhance and which will diminish, down the road/in future
  •  How the needs will evolve for existing and new upcoming segments
  •  Developing Brand USP (Unique Selling Point) and Position vis-à-vis the competition
Meritus offers the power of segmentation to understand what makes people different, what their different needs and motivations are, and how we can aggregate these factions together to form addressable segments.

Segmentation leads to Actionable insights
Better Targeting

Different brands use segmentation in different ways; it depends on what business they are in. For some, it is a Communications Planning Tool. For others, it can help indicate gaps in the market and provide insights into the requirements of different types of users, thereby enabling potential product offerings to be appropriately positioned to meet those needs.
  • A financial services company may use segmentation to help develop fewer, bigger products and better customer services tailored for specific segments.
  • A mobile phone network may use a segmentation to help define what content to buy & stream to handset owners. 
  •  A retailer may use segmentation to position themselves so as to attract a different type customer from their competition.
It depends on what business you are in, and what you are trying to accomplish. However, one thing is unmistakable - whichever domain one is in, no company can operate successfully without a clear understanding and insight into its different type of customers. Segmentation is the most powerful way of achieving this.